About Us

Helping others makes our humanity valuable. There comes a moment in life when our expectations, such as work and life balance, are relatively satisfied. We start to feel the need to give our true selves, our presence, time and money to people in need. It is a great chance to balance our energy and capture the real sense of our earthly existence.

At the METAPOMOC Foundation, we help the youths who reaching adulthood to leave foster care institutions, orphanages and foster families. We focus on their education, developing and shaping their individuality and supporting their adult decision-making competences.

Each member of the METAPOMOC Foundation team work voluntarily. 

Our Activities

Adults living foster care, enter adulthood, but are not prepared for an independent, happy life. Having low self-esteem, lack of supporting people around, they are thriving in actions, they lose their hard work, they can not build happy relationships, they are far from getting welfare in life. They live as they were only for a moment at the station – different travel directions and the tunnel. What to choose? Where to go? Whom to ask for directions? METAPOMOC Foundation wants to be the one who will observe them, show the way and support.

That is why the Foundation focused its activity on the mentoring process. For this purpose, the “Patron” Development Program was launched. We have created this program together with the Foundation “Forum Mentorów” (Mentors’ Forum). We dedicate it to the children from foster care of the Municipal Family Support Centre in Gdańsk. Its main goal is to raise the sense of values of pupils, to awaken and maintain their motivation for their own development, to indicate different opportunities for vocational education, employment and social activity, and to prepare them for independent living in an apartment they are able to keep up.

The program assumes that each mentee will participate in volunteering work for others, creating together with the Foundation a “chain of help”.

Mentors of the “Patron” Development Program are volunteers and work with foster children “pro bono”.

Our Foundation cooperates with the Department of Social Development of the Municipal Office in Gdańsk, which is the leader of the Gdańsk Social Housing Program, addressed to people at risk of exclusion.

Foundation Board of Directors

Our everyday life, professional and private, is related to business and personal development. We have been working for many years to earn the trust of our colleagues, business and life partners. We have been learning and gaining various experiences too. It is high time we shared this wealth.

We have faced difficult choices more than once, we have witnessed the ups and downs of people around us. We are convinced that making life-changing decisions, moving on to higher things and picking yourself up when defeated is much easier when there is a smart, experienced and trusted person nearby. We want to be such people for foster youths. We want to give them support not only for large–scale issues, but also in smaller, everyday situations that are not easy to handle on one’s own.

You can help too – supporting our initiatives and ongoing programs – through your work, financial assistance or in any other way according to your level of interests.

You are more than welcome to contact us and cooperate!

Aldona Wojtczak

Prezes Zarządu/ President of the Management Board

Grażyna Zalewska-Pawlisz

Wiceprezes Zarządu/Vice President of the Management Board

Katarzyna Majchrzak

Wiceprezes Zarządu/Vice President of the Management Board

Members of the Council

Alicja Zajaczkowska
Chairman of the Council

Dorota Dogil-Kucharska

Agata Rugień

Dorota Markiewicz-Kubik

Tomasz Rok

Beata Bednarczyk

Cezary Mączka

Our Philosophy

There are no limits in doing good.